Private Lessons

     Starting with a free consultation, we will determine what your goals are and outline a program that works for you and your dog. Private lessons will be one-on-one, in your home and scheduled to best accommodate you. This will let me get to know you and understand how I can best help you and your dog.

     Private lessons allow you to train your dog with my full supervision and instruction. Each package will be tailored to your specific goals. You decide which times work for your busy schedule.

     Private lessons will be an hour and will cover previous lesson obedience depending on the package you choose.  All lessons help build foundation and reliable commands like sit, down, heel, place, leave it, and come. We will add distance, duration and distractions with the more lessons you do. Lesson packages 6, 8 and 10 include outings, such as parks, to help proof your dog's training.


$200 Discount

Eight Lessons


$150 discount

Six Lessons

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