Hi, I'm Parker Rossignol

There's No Place like Home

Growing up in Maine, my family had several terriers and labradors. My childhood dog, Baxter the Airedale Terrier, sparked my enduring passion for Man’s Best Friend. Those formative years imbued in me the importance of loyalty, reliability, and companionship. In 2012, I chose to enlist in the United States Army. I was stationed at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, where I served as an Infantryman and in Special Operations. This experience allowed me the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson: achieving one’s goals is a self-reliant pursuit—with the help of great friends in times of need. Even while serving, I made sure to set aside time to volunteer with local rescue groups. A nagging feeling kept reminding me of the roots of my passion, and, after seven years of service, I have devoted my career to what I know best—dogs!

Certified Dog Trainer

Now in Raleigh, I have happily settled with my dog, Copper, a Pomeranian mix, rescued here in North Carolina. Copper accompanied me at Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, where I attained my certification as a Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist. At the Academy, I was able to elevate my understanding of the human/canine relationship to new levels. In particular, I mastered the ability to translate a dog’s behavior into a language humans can relate to. Training Copper has greatly improved our understanding of each other and has grown our communication to become more cooperative, structured, and harmonious. My mission with Fresh Air Dogs is to help as many dog owners as I can do the same; I want to demonstrate how training a dog not only builds good manners, it develops a bond between people and pets that embraces trust and supports dogs as cherished members of the family. 

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